Who Runs the World…

01st April 2017

Hey Hey,

How’s everyone doing? I hope each day is bringing you more and more success in your personal journey’s. Thank you so much to everyone who has contacted me and given positive feedback. Sorry this next post took some time. I promise the next one will be quicker!

As said on my previous post, I came across an article in success magazine about what the author believed to be traits of successful women, I picked out the ones that stood out for me and this is what they are?

They play to their strengths.

What I believe the author meant by this is that we do want we think we are good at before doing what we love. Well I think you have got to love what you do, otherwise life wouldn’t be pleasant but as women I think we gain satisfaction in knowing that we are good at something and we work on that to make it our strength and that is what makes us love what we do. So, the author is right in a way but I guess that just makes us smart ey, what is the point in wanting to make something a success because you love it but are dreadful at it!

They have ambition.

Oh yeah! Who runs the world… girls! We sure want to change the world. If we are going to be the best at something why are we going to stop half way. I think this attribute has evolved over time though, because in history women had taken the back seat a lot of the time, when a woman becomes a success in today’s society it becomes more recognised and successful women often become token figures within their sectors.

They stay positive.

This is one attribute I highly believe in and it applies to not only women but men too! Law of attraction is a powerful thing and it works in each aspect of our lives. It has definitely been a BIG game changer for me and my family.

They’re constantly learning.

I love this one! It is so important to have a mentor in anything that you do and be coachable to that mentor. Sometimes being coachable is the hardest thing and we think we know what we’re doing until we fall into a trap, our mentor had told us about already. Constantly learning and wanting to improve myself, has allowed me to keep positive, have greater ambition and has really helped to come away from being timid but become a woman with tenacity.

They know failure and success go together.

Diamonds don’t just become, they get cut, they go through a great load of pressure to sparkle and become what they are. Simple.

They remain grateful .

Gratitude is an essential attribute for anyone. Throughout this journey, I have definitely learned through practices of verbally expressing what I am grateful for at the start of each day. During the hardest times, I started to realise this and I would have my gratitude list in my purse and read it multiple times during the day. This positive action bought a lot of goodness in so many ways into my life.

They choose their battles wisely

This is an important one for us women, as sometimes we can be caught up on the smallest of things, that seem so big in our mind and that’s where a positive mindset comes to play. Everything is only as big or small as you make it. If it is preventing you from becoming greater than let it go I truly believe!


I Hope you all enjoyed reading my take on the above attributes. Writing this post has made me realise some things I have been slacking lately and I will be getting back on track. I hope you got something from this post too.

See you next time and this time I won’t leave it so long.

Lots of Love,

Aneesa Xo