Let the blogging begin…

28th February 2017

Hey everyone,

Here goes the first blog post. I never thought it was actually going to be this difficult to start blogging. I had the intention to start a few months ago, since then I had a baby, which of course changed a lot for me and I just didn’t get a chance to launch it. In my first post I just want to have a general chat with you all about what’s going on in my life right now and then I will start doing more posts on specific topics, events and I would also like to incorporate style. I really would like to open up to you all in my blog, although some things may be hard for me to talk about at times, I do feel I can share experiences that many can relate to.

So, like I mentioned I am a mum now! I feel so proud when I say that haha. People ask me ‘has it sunk in that you’re a mum now?’ and to be honest, as the days go by taking care and spending time with my little Omar I feel blessed and sometimes I look at him and get a sudden realisation that OMG I’m a mum now, although i’ve always known that I will be, as it has always been my dream. Also, as I have been settling into my role as a mum, I have taken some time out from business, although I have continued to support my husband and of course always will, Omar is my first priority now and to be honest I really do feel blessed that we have been able to build a successful business and I don’t have to think about going to work and I really can just wake up and decide my own schedule. Not long ago, when me and my husband thought about starting a family, we would say to one another “how can we start a family, when we can’t even take care of ourselves?”, at that time we were in major debt and were just about making ends meet, so now that our situation has really changed, I want to cherish and make the most of each moment of my little Omar growing up. He’s already growing too fast!

Not only has this time out allowed me to spend time with Omar, but has also allowed me to focus on myself a bit more. Although it doesn’t seem it, as you can tell all I talk about is Omar now haha. I have been paying more attention to my health, started going to the gym, got myself a personal trainer, eating cleaner, as well as trying to engage more with my sprituality. I guess the gym part is probably influenced by Omar too haha, I had weight to loose and still do but honestly, the gym does make me feel amazing!

I actually really missed business, so I am getting back into the swing of things now and really looking forward to a few projects I have in the pipeline and I look forward to sharing them with you too.

In my next post I will be reviewing an article I came across in success magazine about what the author considers traits of unabashedly successful women, an interesting read and some of the traits actually made me giggle!

See you all soon,

Stay Blessed superstars!

Aneesa Xo