About me

My name is Aneesa Islam, also known as ‘Leading Empress’. In my early 20’s, I am happily married to a great man who I partner with in life and business and I am also the mother of a beautiful baby boy called Omar. I would best describe myself as a companion, an occupational therapist, an entrepreneur, an aspiring property investor, financial services educator and freedom seeker to name a few.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to an industry that has completely changed my mindset on how I view the world. A huge industry which I actually never knew existed, like many others.

That is when my entrepreneurship journey begun and since then myself and my family have been able to create tremendous freedom, making a multiple six figure income, which I am very grateful for. Like many others, I always had big dreams that I knew I would fulfil but I just didn’t know how at the time. The only one thing I had was ‘belief’.

Growing up I was in search for how I would achieve my big dreams and I was in search for my passion. I went through phases of wanting to be an artist, to studying engineering and wanting to be a car designer with Jaguar and Land Rover which I was offered a corporate position with. However, I went on to becoming an Occupational Therapist. Yes! I know they are complete opposites. I know realise that my entrepreneurship journey combines the creativity, ambition and ability to help others to fulfil what freedom means to them.

This blog will combine Lifestyle, Inspiration, Education, Entrepreneurship and Style. I hope that I can share my personal journey (present, past and future), my passion and enthusiasm. I hope that this platform allows us to learn from one another, network and also gives you the opportunity to share your personal journeys and missions that you may be on.

I look forward to connecting with you all and I hope you enjoy Leading Empress.

Aneesa xo